Why Maintain A Good Name?

Or, why does John McCain seem so bitter? Like Mitt Romney, McCain conceded gracefully. But quickly, McCain started behaving like a bitter politico. He was combative and unwilling to work with the man who won the presidency over him. He declared that there was NO MORE working with the President (yet conservatives deny that the Republicans were the party of no).

No he joins in the chorus of bashing Susan Rice for Benghazi. It should be noted, there are valid questions and concerns. But the Republicans, in their haste for an earth shattering scandal over reached. So, nobody told McCain that they would be dialing back the rhetoric. Part of the problem is…the right thought they hit pay dirt when Petreus said he realized that the Benghazi attack was a planned terrorist act early on. But then they had to accept the rest of the intelligence testimony.

See, the administration was simply passing on the information the intelligence community allowed them to know. The “this was a planned attack” part was classified and not revealed to the administration when Rice went on TV. And if “That is what the intelligence told us at the time” was good enough for defending Bush over invading a country based on bad intel regarding phantom WMDs, it ought to be a justified defense for this administration.

But McCain is more interested in being defiant than reasoned. Senator John McCain has become a caricature of himself. It is quite sad to see.

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  1. It’s rather sad really. I used to rather like John McCain, but that was before he let his disappointment get the better of him. Now he’s just a mean old crank.

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