Don’t Get Ahead Of Yourselves

You know…you would think the Republicans won last Tuesday in a landslide.  You would never know that they, in fact, lost seats in congress.  Or that they lost more seats in the Senate.  Or that…you know…most of the country voted against them.


Out?  Batshit insane Allen West.  Hot headed ass Joe Walsh.  Sure, we still have Michelle Bachmann (than fellow Minnesotans).

Republicans maintain a small grasp on power…and  think that was intended.  Nobody really wants one party in power…one party often results in one side getting everything they want-whether it is good for the country or not.  Republicans have one choice… work with the President.  Stop stonewalling.  Stop pretending you are open to compromise and actually be open to it.  Stop trying to convince us that it is totally the President’s fault that we are constantly dangling over the edge of a cliff.

Republicans are in power because people *want* the promised bipartisanship in action.  They don’t agree with you, Republicans.  They want to you bend a bit more than you have ever shown a willingness to do so before.  Get over it.

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  1. Republicans are still in power in the House because Republican state legislatures gerrymandered the crap out of their states’ districts. State elections matter, folks.

  2. I don’t know if I buy that they were successful in this as much as some folks are suggesting. I mean, almost every single one Candidate who offered opinions on abortion and rape (and there were a *lot*) lost their runs. Is there any evidence that most of Congressional Republicans were destined to lose their seats?

  3. The amount of breast beating and lamentations is amazing. What is really astonishing is that so many Republicans think that Romney lost because he wasn’t sufficiently conservative.

    I am flabberghasted.

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