Missing the Message

Tuesday night was a definite victory for the President. As someone who did not want a Romney/Ryan administration, I am relieved. While the Electoral College gave the appearance of a landslide, the popular vote indicates things were much closer than that. And I think looking at the electoral vote is a mistake. It leads to thinking like this.

The Buzzfeed article has conversations with top Obama backers who declare their hopes that Obama will move from center left to all out left. That he will institute things like grand and sweeping gun control. Which is funny, because outside of saying he would like to see the assault weapons ban re-instated, he has done nothing in four years that shows an actual dedication to gun control. Last month, the first time Obama even mentioned the assault weapons ban, (previously, surrogates had mentioned it) he also expressed concern that there were other things behind the violence, that more gun laws do not ersolve those problems. Gun control has simply not been a priority in four years.

But I think Obama’s backers are missing the bigger picture. Obama’s victory was not a mandate from the people for a liberal festival of Spending and restrictions. No, it was far more pragmatic than that. Obama did not get overwhelming approval from our nation to do whatever he wants. At the same time, it was not a support of Republican leadership either. We have pretty much the same set up as the last two years. Meeting in the middle is the key.

If his acceptance speech is any indication, he gets that. He seems to understand that he cannot just walk in the door and say, “I won, gimme what I want.”

Listen, top backers are always going to hope the President does all the things they want him to. That is nothing new. Assuming their hopes have real meaning is premature.

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  1. I think Obama will try to work cooperatively. There have been times I think he was too intent on that, so I doubt he’s just going to go nuts.

    I’m more concerned about whether the Republicans will work cooperatively. I’d like to think they’ll view the election as a sign they need to moderate their policies, become more inclusive to a wider group of people, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

  2. “Move to the center.”

    That’s what the pundits (especially Fox) always say the Democrats need to do after EVERY general election — whether the’re victorious or not. That’s also what the pundits NEVER tell the Republicans to do after ANY general election — whether THEY’RE victorious or not.

    I’ve become convinced “Move to the center” is pundit code for “Move to the right”.

    Maybe both sides DO need to move to the center, but let’s make it the ACTUAL center, not just the halfway point between the two parties, because the Republicans have dragged things ridiculously to the right that way. Getting to the ACTUAL center means that the Repubs will have to move left to GET there. And so might the Dems to a smaller degree.

    And the way the gun lobby has all 3 branches by the balls, even a renewed assault weapons ban will be a MAJOR victory at this point.

    1. Oh, I agree, it needs to be equal. It cannot be one sided. I think the attempt to minimize the re-election is something Republicans need to remember. They also need to realize that the nation is not in agreement with their values. Hell, even in the Republican Party you have a growing dissent of folks in regards to things like gay marriage. I think Republicans have to get their act together and be willing to grant Obama stuff he is looking for. And considering he has not asked for anything in regards to gun control…re-instating the AWB seems like a fair compromise.

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