Going, Going, Gone

I kept my expectations pretty low for Girls Gone Dead. Considering the biggest names in the film are Beetlejuice (of Howard Stern fame) and Ron Jeremy, wrestler Jerry Lawler and Linnea Quigley (all in bit parts) I aimed pretty low for this one. Jumping on the Girls Gone Wild craze … Continue Reading Going, Going, Gone

Wed Oct. 24th

It is pretty uncommon that I would link to an entire episode like this…but last night’s Daily show is worth watching in it’s entirety.

Scary Carrie

We’ve already seen a second adaption of Stephen King’s Carrie.  Now we have a third.  It is seemingly unnecessary.  And the choice of Chloe Grace Moretz strikes me as odd.  She is a good actress, so that is not my issue.  But she has never, in any role I can … Continue Reading Scary Carrie