Where Is the Christian Roger Corman?

Turns out it is Sam Bacile (with help from Pastor Terry Jones). Yesterday, cast and crew that participated in his anti-Islam movie that may or may not have played a hand inciting masses who murdered  Americans in Libya stated the offending aspects of the film were added in post, and they were not aware of the content.

This reminds me of Roger Corman. Most specifically, it reminds me of Roger Corman’s Humanoids From the Deep. The director, the cast and crew thought they were making a simple low budget monster movie about a small seaside community beset by monsters from the depths of the sea. They went to the premier and discovered that, instead, they had made a film about fish men that come out of the sea to rape and impregnate attractive girls in bikinis. They were…uh…surprised. Aside from the sleazy rape scenes, the cast noted they never met any of the women who were the victims.

How could this happen? How could they not have known? Well, none of that was in the script. There may have been references to the idea that the monsters were trying to reproduce. But the director Barbara Peeters never shot any of the rape scenes. Corman felt the movie needed to be spiced up. So he hired some young woman and another director to go to the beach and film scenes of the monsters assaulting the young ladies. He then had an editor insert the scenes into the film Peeters had created.

Thanks to Corman, Doug McClure and Vic Morrow have a film legacy that include fishmen raping women.

So, apparently, Sam Bacile is the less skilled Christian Version of Roger Corman.

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