I Am So Alone

I have been told people hated the end of last week’s episode of Dr Who, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship. First, I loved seeing Rory’s dad. Played by Mark Williams, (best known as Arthur Weasley in the Harry Potter films*) he was an “always be prepared” guy who, in a way, adapted to life with the Doctor quite calmly. He even politely makes a request…which is both quiet and sweet. By the end,I felt like I wanted more of the Doctor and Rory’s dad traipsing the universe…and the end of the episode showed he in fact was having adventures with the Doctor. People apparently are not responding well to it. The thing is? It has always been the little stuff, the brief moments of quiet joy found throughout the series since it’s return. It is not the Doctor Who I grew up on, he is more connected to people and has exhuberence in wanting to share his adventure with others. And we have seen the Doctor without companions to ground him. That is a scary guy.

*Funny enough, another Potter alum was in the episode…David Bradley, who played Filch, was the villain.

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    1. Really, I suppose if you were a working actor in the UK for the past ten years, the chances of being in both a Harry Potter film and Doctor are more likely to happen then not.

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