I Cannot Lie

Folks… I really want to see Resident Evil: Retribution.  Bad.  Not joking here.


Sometime…I will write about my love of the Resident Evil Movies.

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  1. I enjoy the RE movies myself.
    Absurdly long post as to why…..

    I am from the New Orleans area, born & raised. We do not have traditional burial here, we have mausoleums.
    Now, when I was pretty young I already liked horror movies, but one day sitting next to dad when watching a horror movie, suddenly there was this normal graveyard (Something I doubt I had EVER seen before) and the dead are crawling out from them.

    I ran from the room screaming.
    For pretty much my entire life afterward, I was extremely phobic of zombies (and traditional graveyards).
    I couldn’t watch anything with zombies in it.

    Until I was up one night and caught Resident Evil on HBO (or some other pay network)
    The way it was more an ‘action movie with zombies’ than a traditional ‘zombie movie’ effectively cured by zombie phobia.

    Nowadays I love zombie flicks & have watched most of the classics of the genre, but I owe my ability to watch them to the RE movies.

  2. I wouldn’t say I’m really excited to see it, but I have little doubt I’ll watch it at some point. A friend will have the DVD sitting on their shelf, I’ll flip past it on some movie channel at home (that’s how I saw the last one. It kept coming on, and I kept watching it).

    I haven’t seen one that captured the particular feel of Resident Evil 2 (the game, which has a story I’m quite fond of), but they’re fun movies to watch, no doubt.

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