Dumb Pundit Jokes

So, Bill O’Reilly made a joke about the DNC, condoms and Sandra Fluke the other day.

My central frustration with the continued jokes from the right regarding Fluke.  Listen up folks.  If you have not listened to or read Fluke’s testimony on birth control-yet are making jokes about her slutty ways?  Get a damn education and read it.  You might be surprised to find out she never talked about herself or casual sex.  She spoke about real and tough health issues some women face.  If you have read her testimony and are continuing to make jokes?  You are an intellectually dishonest schmuck.

3 thoughts on “Dumb Pundit Jokes Leave a comment

  1. Does Bill O’Reilly actually know any women? Is he married or has daughters or a sister, or even a mother somewhere? Because he needs to be smacked.

  2. I may have a theory on that. I think it’s projection. Guys like “Oh Really?” and Limbaugh are all in favor of the “every man for himself” philosophy. And because THEY can’t see THEMSELVES trying to better someone else’s situation without a selfish ulterior motive, they can’t see FLUKE doing it either. Ergo, if she’s trying to make birth control more affordable, it MUST be for herself.

    Also, they’re lying douchebags.

  3. Yes, there are a number of conditions that can be treated by women’s contraceptives. There was a 12-minute excerpt of her testimony out there. Yes, I think, in this case, and like SO many others, willful ignorance rules!

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