Where’s the Faith?

So, there is this interesting group called the Clergy Project.  It’s basic goal is to help pastors who have lost their faith transition out of the pulpit into the regular world.  And to let those folks know they are not alone.

Al Moehler of the Southern Baptist Convention does not like them.  He thinks they are charlatans and frauds.  One thing he went after?

Why didn’t they just resign? Most shockingly, some openly spoke of losing their salaries as the main concern. So much for intellectual honesty.

Fearing losing your income for your family is not intellectual dishonesty.  It is a painful reality.  A lot of people would like to quit their jobs and pursue a new path.  That they continue to work their current job for fear of not being able to provide for their families and personal livelihood is pretty understandable by most rational people.

I’ve read plenty of writings from folks who lost faith.  And if there is one common thread?  It is not an easy road.  It is often lonely, especially if the answers being offered are not fulfilling for them.  They are trying to make it work, after all, in times of doubt, people want to offer easy advice and reassurance that one is not actually falling towards unbelief.  The Clergy Project is the first step for some to that intellectual honesty Moehler castigates.  It is trying to help open the doors to to allow pastors who have given up belief quicker and with some hope.  Moehler should be praising the Clergy Project.  They are helping he and Real True Christians (TM Fred Clark)weed out the false Christians…right?

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