Making Your Life Ring False

Frankly, I found this news more intriguing than the Convention speeches last night.

First, Rick Santorum managed to make an inspirational story look like a calculated political maneuver.  Seriously, his talking about Bella did not come across as a loving father at all to me.  Rather, he somehow managed to make it sound like he saw his daughters life as a talking point.  Not something that was truly cherished on it’s own grounds.  It worked against his claims that Republicans care about all life.

Ann Romney declared that Mitt sees it (his charity work) as a privilege, not as a political talking point.  And then Ann Romney and then proceeded to make it a political talking point.  I am not sure exactly who she was trying to contrast them to with the whole bit about not doing the charity work to make themselves look good.   Is she talking about the president?  Elite Liberals?  Who???

Chris Christie delivered a scathing indictment of Republicans activity over the past twelve years.  Yet, the audience cheered as if he was talking about someone else.

Oh, and for a party that loves to go on and on criticizing the President for using teleprompters, I could not help but be amused at the shots I saw of the teleprompters being set up.

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  1. The thing that really made me wonder, was when she had her miscarriage, and her youngest son had hysterics, and ol’ Mitt said this was the first he’d ever heard this story.

    So…I guess they don’t talk much?

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