It’s Going To Be Three More Days Of This…

Rand Paul spoke of his great sadness that the President would dare believe that Roads build Business Success.  Instead of the other way around.  Um, Senator Paul…Business success did not build the roads.  Without roads?  Businesses would never be experiencing the amazing success they are currently experiencing without easy access to national transit.


And frankly?  This “Don’t Tell Me We Didn’t Build It” bullshit got tired long ago.  Please continue giving me reasons to hope for the failure of the Republican party at the beginning of November.  I was open to a new Presidential option.  And the Republicans give me a series of absolutely dumbfounding choices.

And while all the speakers pay lip service to tough talk, they are not asking their constituents to make hard choices…they want other people to make it.  You know, evil liberals and people on welfare.

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