So, Jesus Sits Down Next to Gary

Jesus: Hey, Gary.

Gary: Hey, Jesus.  What’s up?

Jesus:  Well, I noticed that you’ve been asked by people to do a something.

Gary:  And I complied.  I totally came through.

Jesus:  I know.  You did exactly what they required.

Gary:  Totally did.  Thanks for noticing.

Jesus:  So…Gary…

Gary: Yeeeeah?

Jesus:  Do you think you could have…you know…done a little more?

Gary: I did what they asked!  To the letter of the law!

Jesus:  Yes.  Yes you certainly did.  You performed the bare minimum.

Gary: I’ve been very transparent to what’s legally required of me.

Jesus:  I know.  We covered that already.  But you could have done more, right?

Gary: Have you seen how I am attacked? Have you seen what’s happened?

Jesus: Yes.  I did indeed see that.  But you could have done more, right?  In fact, you could still do more…right?

Gary: The more I do, the more I get attacked, the more I get questioned, the more I get pushed.

Jesus:  So…you are more concerned with what they say about you…than if you and I know more could be done?

Gary:  Well…but I…I did what was required.

Jesus: I am pretty sure I told you that people would attack you for doing the right thing, didn’t I?

Gary:  Well…I…um…yeah…but…

Jesus:  You thought I didn’t mean it?  That you might have to endure taunts?  Disrespect?  Accusations?

Gary: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell…

Jesus: *SIGH*

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