A Couple of Things That Jumped Out At Me

Sarah Palin thinks Akin should realize “This is not going in his favor, so you have to step aside from self, from yourself, your desire to get in there and serve and do what you believe is right, and you have to, in a sense, take one for the team,” the former Alaska governor said. “You have to step aside. Hand the mantle to someone else.”  Yes.  Jon Stewart is right…she truly cannot hear herself speak.
And unrelated…a few people filmed director Tony Scott’s suicide.  Now they is trying to sell the footage.  To these folks ?  I simply say…you are sick fucking bastards and lousy excuses for human beings.

It does make me wonder if cell phone cameras have not made us into even bigger voyeurs than reality television and porn have…to the point that we will film a person jump to their death to make a buck…rather than maybe offer a hand of help.  Some days?  I really hate people.

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  1. Reading about or listening to Sarah Palin is rather like driving by an accident. You don’t want to, but you somehow feel compelled to slow down and look. Good grief, she is an idiot.

    As for the people trying to sell that footage…that’s despicable.

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