Really, Missouri Voters?

You really think he deserves to be neck and neck with his competition?  Still?!

On Morning Joe yesterday host’s Joe Scarborough and Mika Brezinski were going back and forth, because Brezinski felt Mitt Romney’s denunciation of Akin was tepid.  Scarborough countered with asking where Barack Obama’s stern denunciation of Bill Maher was for the negative and derogatory words he has used in regards to women.

You know, I really find Bill Maher’s willingness to use the “c” word frustrating.  He can be quite infuriating.  But you know what else?  Unlike Akin?  He is not running for a representative office (I screwed up in my tweet to Scarborough and referred to Akin as elected).  Bill Maher repersents himself.  Akin wants to represent Americans.  That is a huge difference and why the comparison just does not work at all.

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  1. But he IS an elected official. He’s RUNNING for Senate, but he’s currently serving in the US House. Not only that, but he serves on the House’s *snicker* *snort* SCIENCE COMMITTEE.

    1. Sweet. I was right the first time. Yeah…Republicans seem really good at filling these committees with people who have no connection to reality of what those committees represent. And often, it seems, they get pushed to the head of that committee.

      1. There’s Akin on the Science Committee, Bachmann on the Intelligence Committee, and car thief/insurance fraudster Darrell Issa in charge of investigations. It’s like John Boehner is really Bizarro Superman.

  2. The thing that I find hilarious, in their frantic efforts to disassociate themselves with Akin, the Republicans are ignoring the fact, that their platform AGREES with everything that he said! They actually do believe what he believes, but they are afraid that they’ll lose that golden Senate seat in Missouri.

    I wonder how Akin feels about his fellow Republicans right about now?

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