“Historical Researcher and Author” David Barton recently had a book released by publisher Thomas Nelson.  It is called the Jefferson Lies:Exposing the Myths You’ve Always Believed About Thomas Jefferson.

It appears, and I am totally stunned to find this out…but apparently?  He fibbed more than once in the book.

So Thomas Nelson has recalled it for falsehoods.


2 thoughts on “I AM SO SHOCKED! Leave a comment

  1. Oh good grief. Jefferson obviously wasn’t a saint, none of the founding fathers were…but I don’t think that anyone would debate that he wasn’t a genius in any number of ways.

    As a history major, I relish the debunking of myths. But I detest the telling of lies…and worse, deliberately distorting the truth.

    1. Oh, Barton was busting “myths” like the idea that Jefferson was any kind of secularist or believed in a separation of state. He thinks Jefferson was great…but pro church in politics.

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