Hello, My Name Is (Generic Candidate)

In this vein, I noticed a Romney ad that focused on specifics of the economy, jobless rates and so on.  Then, the announcer intones “Mitt Romney has a plan to turn the economy around:
1.More Jobs
2.More take home pay”

Of course, people with a grade school education ought to be able to see a problem there.  But in case you are unsure:

1.More Jobs
2.More take home pay

These are not a plan.  These are goals.  The plan would be: How does Mitt Romney plan to increase jobs and take home pay.  And why does he think the President disagrees?  I mean, that sounds pretty much like what the President says he wants to do.  Now, I can see people instantly jumping to say “But Obama wants to tax the rich.  And what little we know of Romney’s plan is his changes would result in more money for the rich (via tax reductions) and a $2,000 tax hike for the lower middle class.  Given the two, I say raise taxes on the folks least likely to feel real pain from their increase.

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