The Passion of the Fill A

So,  I think John Stewart handled this best.

Listen, he had every right to say what he said.  Just as people have a right to disagree.  However, the three Mayors were douches who made a demand that was inappropriate.  Of course, I don’t think the government should be prosecuting makers of porn unless they are truly doing something illegal (and at least one person is claiming Romney has made a promise to rigorously prosecute makers of porn).  But I don’t recall many Christians porn opponents having trouble with local governments (or the federal government) interfering with with porn producers ability to sell their product.

If this was, of course, only about his speech it would not be a big deal.  It is that his company-Chick Fill-A the corporation-has given money to groups like the Family Research Council.  The SPLC has labelled them a hate group.  Now, a lot of people on the right are seemingly critical of the term hate speech being applied to deeply help religious beliefs.  I get why, as the most evil thing you can do in the mind of the right is suggest someone is a bigot.  But here is the thing.  According to the Bible, you are to hate sin.  So, when you are denouncing something is sin, you are noting you hate it.  So, it qualifies-even if you are arguing you only hate the sin, not the sinner-as hate speech.
So, to sum up:

Dan Cathy said something douchey.  He has every right to say such things, people have a right to slam him for it.  Three mayors responded in kind, threatening to do something that would have been struck down the second they tried to implicate it.  So, they were idiots misusing their power.  Mike Huckabee and a crapload of people gorged themselves to stand up for everything from freedom of speech to a stand for Christian morality.  Everybody on both sides looked like a complete douche.

Jon Stewart did it better.

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