That Old Time Logic

You know, it really does amaze me that in the argument over global climate change, Conservatives who are in doubt have no trouble believing in a vast global conspiracy.  They see no problem with the logic that there is a global cabal of the majority of scientists seeking to lie and deceive the public regarding the climate condition of the planet and the possible underlying causes.  In this scenario, the conspiracy is so scientists can live the high life off  research grants.

Yet, they find the idea that global climate change naysayers have any purpose but getting out the truth against the powerful cabal of lying scientists who run the show as not worth consideration.  There is no other reason they are challenging the consensus than they are trying to stop the conspiracy…they are David to the GCC Goliath.

Of course, the people bankrolling the global climate change deniers just happen to be some of the heaviest hitters in fossil fuels.  So, you know, people with no dog in this game.  Companies who find they might have to adjust and change their game plan if we all accept that human-influenced global climate change is true and start to make efforts to stop the bleeding.

The fossil fuel industry has a vested interest in convincing us that nothing we are doing influences the global climate.  That what we do has no impact on the planet.  Rich people who live the high life are bankrolling research that conveniently says what they need it to say.  But no, there would be no conspiracy there.  Conservatives cannot even fathom the notion that the actual David is science and that the Goliath is the fossil fuel industry.

We have seen this before…the Tobacco Industry put out studies they had funded that miraculously showed no link between tobacco use and cancer.

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  1. Oh my goodness me, all of those oil and coal people have NOTHING but our best interests at heart! Who wants all of those ugly old wind farm blades for example, when you can have them blowing the top of an entire mountain off?

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