I really Hate the Instant Politicization of Tragedy


This is kind of long.  Like the Dark Knight Rises.  Hate It.  But what bugs me more?  When folks use the politicization to push their agendas.  Listen.  I get that the gun control argument will pop up at these times, and at some point it should (but it won’t)…but folks could certainly wait a few hours before going on Twitter rampages about their political feelings on the issue.  Can’t they?  They can wait for the police to disarm the booby traps in the apartment and get more answers…right?  No, of course not.  Several celebrities took to Twitter to promote gun control throughout the day.  I know this, because Breitbart follows all ten of them.  And they saw Peirs Morgan say so on CNN.  Breitbart decries the exploitation of a tragic event by exploiting the shit out of it.

This morning, ABC suggested the shooter was a Tea Party guy who had posted on a Tea Party website.  ABC admitted they had not verified that it was actually the same guy, right?  I mean, what are the chances that in America, there might be more than one guy named James Holmes?!  Apparently, yeah.  There just might be.  There is around 2,909 people named James Holmes in the U.S.  Way to go ABC.  And Breitbart.com pounced on them for it.  And you know what?  Why speculate when you do not know.  The Breitbart writers were right to take them to task for such a pathetic act of “journalism”.  Except, in their typical sanctimonious style?  Breitbart.com goes and suggests that they have paperwork to insinuate that Holmes might be a registered Democrat.

Of course, I suspect the defense here is, they are trying to prove a point, doing what ABC did.  But the tone of Breitbart shows otherwise.  They clearly thought they had a “Gotcha!” moment and where more interested in that than confirming facts (which, after several updates, they admit the facts appear to be that Holmes was unregistered).  Which is their normal style.  They are flooding their site with every perceived slight they can find.  It is interesting to note the subtle differences to their articles on the Obama and Romney speeches.


Headline-Obama: ‘There Will Be Other Days For Politics’

Article Text:President Barack Obama says the tragic movie theater shooting in Colorado that left 12 people dead is a reminder that life is fragile. He says the event “reminds us of all the ways that we are united as one American family.”

First Comments:

  • claspur

    ‘There will be other days for politics…. but not for Golfin’.’

  • claspur

    Popped right to mind as soon as I read the caption.  ;o)

  • Obama: ‘There Will Be Other Days For Politics’

    All while his supporters chant  “4 more years…. 4 more years” on cue.

  • sdz

    is ti a scripted chant? are they supposed to say that? I can’t believe anyone likes Obama, he must know he has no hope

  • finabiscotti

    There will be other days for Politics – ? =

    Obama failed to address The USA as POTUS – when he was in Cairo, Egypt – speaking to the Arab and Muslim world – demanding The MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD to be in attendance – when The MB had been banned from Egypt because of their VICIOUS Acts of TERRORISM –

    that was more important to not be interrupted – with the fact that the Radical Muslim who was shooting up the recruiting station in Arkansas – was going after all FIFTEEN people inside the office – killing one soldier, gravely wounding another –

    whose KILLING RAMPAGE could have been – absolutely – avoided if Obama and the White House had not closed down the FBI investigation of him as RACIAL PROFILING –
    when the radical muslim was under FBI survelliance – as a potential TERRORIST on US soil – going in and out of the USA on phony passports, buying illegal assault weapons, training at RADICAL MUSLIM training CAMPS in AFGHANISTAN and SYRIA.



  • lindilouwho

    Such a sharp contrast between his and Romney’s address on this tragedy.

  • czynik

    No way he is going to avoid flogging his anti-firearms ownership agenda and use this as an issue. His hatred of gun owners goes back to his days in the Illinois senate. John Lott, the author of More Guns Less Crime had numerous run-ins with him and senator MaoBama was very rude about it.

  • finabiscotti

    Chairman O needs to disarm America so that he can proceed to overthrow the US Govt – that is not as easy as he thought – when he was vote-rigged in.

  • czynik

     John Lott fought several battles with 0bama when he was a senator in Illinois over anti-gun laws.
    Doesn’t look like it is working very well in Detroit. This Colorado incident looks like Detroit on the weekend – every weekend when 0bama’s people are practicing gun control.

  • DavidNWinterGarden

    Romney distinctly used the verb: Prayer. Obama did not. What does that tell you?

  •  I am surprised he did not mention Allah ?  Why must he insert his daughters and family into every situation that occurs. What if Malia & Sasha were at the movies, as if they go to a movie theater to begin with when they live in the peoples house where anything goes. This man is a heartless, communist lying individual who has no care for anyone but himself.

  • harumph

    Barry just had to bring his kids into the conversation. I am surprised that he didn’t mention his son, again.

  • bullonay

    Malia and Sasha view their films in the White House theater room…Mechelle has the concessions…

  • mtc123

    An average of 127 people are murdered each day in America.
    This is never reported.
    What about them, Barry?
    Gonna let Holder worry about it, Barry?
    Is there no horror so tragic that liberals won’t spin it and use it for political gain, Barry?

    Then Romney:

    Headline:Romney Calls for Unity After ‘Evil’ Acts
    Article Text:By STEVE PEOPLES
    Associated Press
    BOW, N.H.
    Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney says Friday is a time to grieve and remember the lives lost in the Colorado shootings.

    He told supporters at a previously scheduled campaign stop in New Hampshire that justice will come another day for the person responsible. He called for Americans to focus on loving each other and those affected by what he said were “a few moments of evil” near Denver.

    Romney is suspending political activity for the day. He has taken down campaign ads running in Colorado, postponed several media interviews and canceled a campaign trip his wife, Ann, was scheduled to make to Michigan.

    Speaking in Florida earlier Friday, President Barack Obama called for reflection and said there would be other days for politics.


    • Obama Supporters have turned a time of mourning into a political event.

      Romney Supporters have shown more class than Obama Supporters in the wake of this tragic event, as has Romney himself.

      Unity? Obama is shilling for votes. Obama Supporters are chanting “4 more years… 4 more years”. The MSM is trying to blame the TEA Party for the shooting. The Left has called for Guns to be taken away from Law Abiding Citizens.

      No thanks on that whole Unity crap.

      Obama Supporters may have just unwittingly turned the Political Event of Obama’s re-election effort into something to be mourned come November.

    • carsrus

      Face it, when u r down and dirty in the sewer, aka, Obama, nothing will make u clean!

    • CalBear84

       Yeah, “unity” my arse. Let’s all unite around MY point of view! He never gets tired of saying this crap and he’s minions never get tired of beating us over the head with it. We’re going to have our own UNITY in November!

    • j_allen

      Hmmm funny but Obama did it first and like the follower he is Romney followed suit….good of both.

    • money7penny

      Obama tools on the MSM accused the wrong man of the crime, for political purposes, because that’s what leftist do…dufus!

    • j_allen

      Hmm, last time I checked it was ABC and NO the wrong guy was NOT accused…his picture is everywhere.

    • carsrus

      Typical libtart living in a democRAT land! U don’t want to hear or see the TRUTH!

    • carsrus

      Those left wing pigs at ABC should be sued for LIBEL and slander by that poor innocent man!

    • carsrus

      1st time Obama was 1st at ANY positive action. He usually REACTS, and makes it worse!

    • belief101

      Why would Romney try to outdo the President on a day like this? If he would have been first, Libs would have accused him of stealing the spotlight from the President for politcal purposes. Its not a foot race on a day like today. Romney showed some class by letting the Preezie speak first. Although alot of us are still waiting for the Preezie to comment on other shootings, like Ft. Hood.  As Mark Steyne said today: “There is a rush to politicize these kinds of shootings, unless say you’re a major in the US military and you have ‘Soldier of Allah’ on your business card — and you give a PowerPoint presentation on how jihad is an entirely reasonable reaction and killing American soldiers is an entirely legitimate business — and then you wind up on a table at an American military base while screaming, ‘Allahu Akbar!’ That has no political significance whatsoever. That’s just an isolated one-off by some crazy guy. All jihad is local. ‘Allahu Akbar’ is Arabic for ‘Nothing to see here!'” -Mark Steyn

    • j_allen

      FOX NEWS and SEAN HANNITY are now SUPPOPRTING THE SHOOTER, just like the Treyvon Martin case, where FOX, The NRA, and ESPECIALLY SEAN HANNITY ALL support ZIMMERMAN, the murderer, FOX has now taken the SAME position here…Hannity said “the shooter was just standing his ground.”….more to come.

    • money7penny

      You really are and class one a-hole.  Conservatives don’t support anarchy, you on the left however, love the Occupy movement, inspired by your community organizer-in-chief!

    • j_allen

      Hey I don’t support murderers, that is FOX/NRA(kkk whatever)/and HANNITEABAGGER…

    • Jesus_Allen

      you’re right hannity is a piece of what you said…

    • Jesus_Allen

      No it’s true I saw this story on FOX and it is on Hannity’s blog.

    • goatbeard

       So you come here and remind us that Obama fans have no class. Do you have anything more of substance to say?

    I included a liberal comment in there because the responses are ironic.  It should be noted that there is not truth I am aware of to the comment.  Fox has been sticking pretty much to repeating the info from police on this.  But the responses to the guy are completely oblivious of the other commentary going on at the very same page.  But notice the Romney article is longer and telling us all that he is “doing” in response?  Notice all both articles say about Obama is that he said there would be another day for politics?  Both men did a fine job addressing the tragedy.  Yet supporters of Breitbart.com see the tragedy as an opportunity to mock the president and pat Romney on the back.  That is not Romney’s fault.  It does not speak anything about him.  But it says a lot of Breitbart.com’s readership.  They are keeping the virtues of Andrew Breitbart’s “journalism” alive and well.

2 thoughts on “I really Hate the Instant Politicization of Tragedy Leave a comment

  1. Part of me hates to do this but, honestly all of the reaction to this tragedy reminds me of a quote from the first Nolan Batman movie.

    “It’s not who you are underneath, but what you do that defines you.”

    People leap to figure out if the shooter was a liberal or a conservative.
    People leap to figure out what media he was a fan of.

    As if either of those truly matter or are an answer for why it happened.

    People think that their own belief of some ‘righteous’ cause means that it’s alright they politicize it or it’s okay they do the same thing they’d villify their oppenents for.

    It’s what you do that defines you.

    The shooters politics don’t matter, whatever he believed (if anything) a million more who would never do such a thing, probably also believe.

    No matter what deep truth one thinks they possess, if they allow it to distance themselves from humanity and merely view a tragedy as tool to be used for their side, it is those actions which define them.

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