We Musn’t Underestimate “American Blundering”.

So, the Fox and Friends went on and on about how the U.S. Olympic team is wearing berets as part of their opening ceremony uniforms.  When did berets become Un-American?  And are the Green Berets aware of this???

(Really, the issue should be that they were made in China, not that they are wearing berets you douches.  Seriously, am I the only one tired of Conservatives and their obsessive hate for the French???)

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  1. No, you’re not. While we’re at it, the same goes for their obsessive fearmongering that Obama is going to make us more like Europe. In some areas, that would actually be a good thing. (Replacing our antiquated idea of local school funding, for example.)

    Actually, the same goes for a LOT of their fearmongering about Obama. “He’s a MUSLIM!” Oh, you mean like Keith Ellison? “He’s a SOCIALIST!” Oh, you mean like Bernie Sanders?

  2. Said the same folks who celebrated when Chicago lost the Olympic bid, cheered the S&P downgrade, and conspired to destroy Obama from the day of his inauguration.

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