Understanding the Value of Power?

In the movie Captain America, Steve Rogers is sitting with Dr. Erskin having a drink the night before the experiment.  They have the following discussion:

Steve Rogers:Can I ask a question?
Abraham Erskine: Just one.
Steve Rogers: Why me?
Abraham Erskine: I suppose that’s the only question that matters. Why someone weak? Because a weak man knows the value of strength, the value of power…

I want to believe this.  I want to believe that this dialog from some super-hero movie is some golden nugget of solid Truth.

Then you see stuff like this.  Or worse, Jan Brewer.  Or the preacher who wanted to lock gays off on their own private island.  Or numerous political attempts to ban gay marriage.  Or take away GLBT protections at state and federal levels (see Jan Brewer, Minnesota, Washington State and etc).  So, while on rare occasion the abused and bullied wield power better…most bullied and abused people are quick to bully and oppress when they find themselves in power.  There was a time…long, long ago (but still in some far off places) where Christians were a bullied, abused and oppressed minority.  Now 2,000 years later, the Church has a lot of power in the west-especially in America.  And how does much of it use it’s power?  To trample down others, while crying out about how their own rights are in danger if people have equality.  They even make equality a dirty word.

Sorry, Dr. Erskine.  The real world sucks more than your comic book world.  We lack a Steve Rogers of our own.





(I realize there are plenty of Christians out there who disagree with the measures and support GLBT people-including GLBT Christians)

6 thoughts on “Understanding the Value of Power? Leave a comment

    1. Totally!

      No…I just mention her because I believe she has self identified as Christian…so she is part of that Right Wing Religious Crew.

    1. I am pretty sure Biden got kicked around the playground. 😉

      Yeah, my point was not all Christians use power badly…but it seems an awful lot of the bullies in power come from groups that were once disenfranchised… But now have strength and power. There is a quote a friend of mine if fond of sharing that says starts by pointing out that Christianity gives it’s adherents no instruction how to function as a majority. And it really does not. It functions under the idea that most people will reject it and it will be a minority religion.

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