This Is Me Confounded.

According to a “Pro-Skinny” (i.e. pro-anorexia site) the model Kate Upton is fat.




Yes…apparently she is the poster child for obesity now.  Okay…admittedly, this is some obscure website most of us have never heard of.  Most people would never consider Upton fat and I just figured pictures of a swimsuit model might garner me some extra hits.  But on the other hand?  The fact that this is creeping into the public consciousness.  It reminds me of Jason Alexander’s character in Shallow Hal.  The character is so image obsessed and scared of intimacy that he breaks off relationships based on glaring physical imperfections.  Like one toe being slightly longer than the average.  The level of perfection required is reaching a point where models-women paid for their looks-are being accused of failing to meet standards they kind of…defined.  It is a scary world.

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  1. Basically in the pro-anorexia world if you don’t have collarbones & hip bones that show, or if your thighs touch when you’re standing up straight, you are fat.

    What more surprises me is how those are considered attractive traits to begin with, and who originally sent out these messages.

    Note, what I’m about to say doesn’t mean women should all try to meet a ‘male standard of beauty’ but just about every guy I know likes women like Kate Upton, Scarlett Johansson, Kat Dennings & other women who have much fuller bodies.
    How did the idea you must be super-skinny to be attractive gain traction when the people one is generally wanting to ATTRACT generally find it to be the opposite?

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