Me Against the (Geek) World

All I will say about the Amazing Spider-Man right now is that I found far more to like than dislike.  The creators understand who Spider-Man is far better than the creators of Superman Returns understood who Superman was.  But apparently I am running counter to professional geek reviewers who are less…pleased.


Eventually, I will add commentary…but I am still trying to get through those Marvel movie recaps-and I have to get to Spider-Man 3.

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  1. I agree with you 100%. The new movie had its unique strengths and weaknesses, but it stacks up well against the previous Spidey films this century. And they FINALLY had the Lizard.

  2. I feel the same. Honestly there seem to be a lot of people who love the movie, both geek & non-geek.
    The primary dislike seems to come in 2 forms.
    1-Those who hate there is a ‘reboot’ this soon for any reason.
    Ergo: “Another origin movie? I saw this before.”

    2-Those who really love Raimi’s movies as bordering close to perfection and absolutely hate the movie for being NOT Raimi.

    Personally I’m not of either of those camps.
    I love Raimi but felt his Spider-Man movies only worked because of the great villains in the first 2.

    Spider-Man 3, despite having 3 villains, focused more on Peter, and that’s primarily why it failed.
    Tobey’s Peter just wasn’t a particularly likable protagonist to me.

    Andrew Garfield did a much better job (IMO).
    I really liked this Spider-Man because of Spider-Man.

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