Twitter Is Dangerous In the Hands of the…

The intellectually challenged.


I mean…seriously.  Freedom dies?  I get she is playing of Bush Lied, People died.  But the analogy doesn’t hold.  The Bush administration sold folks on a war with a false premise.  And people died.  On the other hand?  Freedom is alive and well.  They avoid calling it a tax.  Not quite the same as selling us on a war with a false premise.  People actually defend and listen to this person.  They treat her as an intellectual with something important to say.  And then whine about celebrities expressing political opinions.   The tweeners that populate Disney’s sit-coms are her intellectual superior folks.

Watching Republicans have conniptions after being so confident that the Supreme Court was going to decide in their favor is certainly amusing.

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  1. I am constantly surprised that people actually listen to anything that Sarah Palin has to say. Or perhaps I shouldn’t be so surprised, since I am amazed that anyone listens to what Rush Limbaugh has to say either.

    They are both ninnies.

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