I Could Take Darrell Issa More Seriously

If his starting position had not been “Obama has the most corrupt Administration in the Entire History of the United States!”

You might think I am joking.  But on the Rush Limbaugh show while running for Congress, he said Obama was “one of the most corrupt Presidents in modern times.” Okay, so not all of history.  When Democrats sweep in under a Republican President, their higher ups declare attempts to get the President booted out of office off the table.  Republicans come in trying to figure out how they will destroy the President.  Of course, after winning, he walked it back.  He claimed he was not making it personal.

I remember watching him on Bill Maher’s Real Time on HBO.  At the time I had not heard his comments on the President’s corruption.  He came across as reasonable and decent.  He spoke about how important it was to work with the president.  And the next day I saw him declaring he was going to root out the corruption.  I am sorry, but if your default starting point is the President and his administration are super corrupt-you just don’t know how yet…you need to spend millions of tax payer dollars to bring attempt after attempt until something sticks?  You might be a little corrupt yourself.  How is that saying again?  When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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