It’s Not US…It’s YOU! Or the Devil! Or the Media!

When I was…like seven… I had a t-shirt that said “The Devil Made Me Do It”.  For the Vatican, that t-shirt would apparently read “The Devil and The Media Made Us Do It!”

The Vatican spokesman, the Rev. Federico Lombardi, said Monday that a commission of cardinals investigating the leaks scandal had so far interrogated 23 people, including Gabriele as well as other lay and clergy, Vatican superiors and employees. The commission members reported back to the pope on Saturday about their investigation and are continuing their work.

Gabriele continues to be held inside the Vatican police barracks accused of aggravated theft, though he was allowed out on Sunday as usual to attend Mass with his family.

The attempt by the Vatican to blame the media for the leaks is to some degrees a repeat of 2010, when several Vatican officials blamed journalists for fueling the sex abuse scandal that had re-ignited that year. Thousands of people came forward, mostly in Europe, with reports that priests had raped and molested them when they were children.

Because vindicative and self righteous bureaucracy was the message of Jesus.

Some might argue that the official is talking about an attack by Satan…but the fact is, all the “outside” attacks are a direct result of the Vatican’s dependence on secrecy.  If they had been open and transparent all along, they would not be facing the scandals they have faced.

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