And So the Question Is Being Asked

Are you better off than you were four years ago?

I guess I would say…not really.  but then, I am certainly not worse off either.  The economy is ever so slowly improving…just not fast enough to make a difference for a lot of people.  but over the last four years, private companies have seen profits soar, all while cutting loose jobs or simply not hiring more workers.

Mitt Romney has offered no plan, but seems to think the more you let business cut corners, the less ethical of a standard you hold them to…then we will see the financial windfall work it’s way down to the rest of us.  Yet, the fact is, over the course of thirty or so years, it has been getting increasingly harder to work your way to the top.  The top becomes more and more insulated… and Mitt Romney seems totally oblivious to that.  Of course, why would someone at the top pay attention to how the bridge collapsed behind them?  The economic healing may be extremely slow going… but Romney’s “solutions” are ideas that already failed.

Again, this feels like 2004 all over again.  Except The Republicans took on the role of Democrats.  Republicans believed that anyone was going to be able to beat Obama, much as Democrats thought anyone was going to beat Bush.  So they offered John Kerry, who got painted as an out of touch, super-rich elite who did not understand the needs of the common man.

Mitt Romney talks about guys who are seven feet tall.  He may want to take notes.

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  1. I forget which comedian said it, but the comment was along these lines. “At least Trickle Down Economics is sort of honest, they downright tell you they’re pissing on you.”

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