The Blame Game

So, yesterday on Morning Joe, the crew was discussing President Obama making a crack at the previous administration and Republican charges about the economy. The gist of the joke was that Republicans are kind of like a guy at restraunt ordering a ton of food, and then when you arrive they get up to leave and complain about how you ran up the bill.

There has been a lot of whining from the right about Obama always blaming Bush (ignoring that Republicans blamed Jimmy Carter for the nation’s economic woes into the Bush 41 presidency). John Meacham made a comment that George H.W. Bush did not spend his four years blaming the pervious eight years for the economic problems he was dealing with.

No kidding. And you know why he would not blame the previous eight years? Because the previous eight years were run by an administration where he was Vice President. It would be like taking aim at himself.

I suppose one could claim George W. Bush did not spend his whole run blaming the previous administration. But then, what was he going to blame them for? “Holy smokes. We inherited this awful surplus!!!”

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  1. GOP Time Paradox: Reagan’s policies caused the 90’s economic boom, Clinton was responsible for 9/11, Obama made the economy crash, but thank Bush for catching bin Laden.

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