The Unbearable Whiteness of Being

Apparently Darren Arronofsky’s upcoming oah film will include a Nemesis for Noah.  His mortal enemy?  Who knows.  But I do notice that yet again, it is a really white cast they are setting up.  Russel Crowe as Noah.  Emma Watson(in talks), Saoirse Ronan (rumored), Jennifer Connelly (in talks), Liev Schreiber… What is it about biblical pics that the casts tend to be so white so often?

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  1. The most innocent explanation is that it’s because of the cultural “White default” If you describe a character to someone (quite honestly someone of any race), and don’t mention anything that directly says/suggests another race… the will probably think that character is white.

    Being a fan of geek culture & seeing how many book “Fan casts” have always been either all white affairs or almost all white affairs the usual thinking is “If they didn’t SAY the were Non-white, they are WHITE and casting anyone else is wrong”

    Hell even if a book says they’re not but does it subtly (See The Hunger Games referring to Rue having dark brown skin) there will still be many who assume it means “dark for a white person”.

    Since the Bible doesn’t really mention the people’s looks much, we wind up with all white casts (at least for the heroes).

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