Lawless Dictatorship

  I will not lie.  I always enjoy when Stewart shows Fox News Now and compares it to Fox News Then (you know…the Bush Years).

I Hate Indoctrination

That was Sean Hannity a few years ago.  When some stupid teacher had kids sing a song about Barack Obama.  It is a rather humorous statement coming from a guy whose job is… you know… indoctrination.

American History Revisited

Hopefully, if one thing comes out of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, it will be that our school history classes will finally start educating our kids about the impact and general influence of vampires, zombies and other monsters upon our nation’s history.

Fire From the Gods

Prometheus has generated a fair amount of division.  It seems to be a love it or be completely annoyed by it situation. I guess I am not part of either group.  I enjoyed it, though certainly hoped for more. I appreciated that they made a prequel that is fully funtional … Continue Reading Fire From the Gods

The Blame Game

So, yesterday on Morning Joe, the crew was discussing President Obama making a crack at the previous administration and Republican charges about the economy. The gist of the joke was that Republicans are kind of like a guy at restraunt ordering a ton of food, and then when you arrive … Continue Reading The Blame Game

I See Things Upside Down

I confess…this surprises me: METHODOLOGY: Researchers led by Philippe Bernard presented participants pictures of men and women in sexualized poses, wearing a swimsuit or underwear, one by one on a computer screen. Since pictures of people present a recognition problem when they’re turned upside down, but images of objects don’t … Continue Reading I See Things Upside Down

Seeking the Answers To Life

So, if you saw Prometheus this past weekend and are a little unsure of some stuff… iO9 interviewed Lindelof.  It is spoilery. Oh yeah…and the rather awesome Neil Degrasse Tyson challenges the science.

Django Unchained

Nothing looks new or particularly inventive…but after Inglorious Basterds turning out so terrifically…I am really curious to see if this works.  It sure looks like they had fun making it and could have some solid and homerun performances.