Lock Up Mary Jane

I am sure there are some who presume my general defense of the President equals no ability to express extreme dissatisfaction with the President. But the fact is, there have been some areas which I find stunningly off base.

Such as this.

Most true professionals in the MMJ industry would likely agree that the government should shut down dispensaries and growers selling to people without patient cards and engaging in illegal drug sales.

The problem, however, is that the Obama administration isn’t just targeting those types of operations. Dispensaries and cultivation sites in full compliance with state medical cannabis laws have been caught up in the government’s crackdown as well. In California and Colorado, for instance, dozens of dispensaries located within 1,000 feet of schools have been forced to shut down or close – even though they were operating legally under local regulations.

It is insane that we continue to waste time, money and jail space on people for selling and using marijuana. Yet, those things have increased under our current President,not improved. In fact, on this issue? His record is pretty abysmal.

Along with the gay marriage announcement*, I find this troubling. On the other hand, do we thing Mitt Romney would be a change for the better on this stupid war on drugs?

*I get that it is historic. But to declare you support it as a right-but then say it is an issue of state rights? Arg.

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