Let Me Tell You Everything I Know About Heaven

Billy Graham has a book called the Heaven Answer Book.  It is promoted as Billy Graham answering questions about heaven.

Isn’t the only honest answer to every question about heaven ultimately “I don’t know”?  That must be a short book.

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2 thoughts on “Let Me Tell You Everything I Know About Heaven Leave a comment

  1. Well, if Billy Graham wrote it, it will show that Heaven has no gay people. Or ethnic people, nor poor people and certainly only Republicans. Still a pretty short book.

  2. Technically, it is his son that fits that description. After Watergate, Billy remained remarkably apolitical. He has expressed plenty of regret for things he said back in the day. That is what made his recent statements for a gay marriage amendment so depressing. I expected that crap from guys like Colson…Graham tended to at least stay out of those fight. His son Franklin, on the other hand, went head long into douche-bag country.

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