The Mystery of Objects

You know…you would think a vacation would afford lots of writing time. But I have found little time for that. I saw this…and I feel like I am missing something: METHODOLOGY: Researchers led by Philippe Bernard presented participants pictures of men and women in sexualized poses, wearing a swimsuit or … Continue Reading The Mystery of Objects

Explain To Me…

Why I should give a damn about what Steven Moffat thinks of CBS’s Elementary? Does having a critically loved Sherlock Holmes in modern times fan fic tv show make him some sort of protector of all things Holmes?

Lock Up Mary Jane

I am sure there are some who presume my general defense of the President equals no ability to express extreme dissatisfaction with the President. But the fact is, there have been some areas which I find stunningly off base. Such as this. Most true professionals in the MMJ industry would … Continue Reading Lock Up Mary Jane

How Much You Wanna Bet…

That if President Barack Obama came out in favor of the Ryan Plan tomorrow, Republicans would be tripping over each other to declare what a terrible plan it is and Rep. Paul Ryan would be a pariah?!   This has been my 1,666 post.

Biographical Adjustment

So, normally, I can shrug off most Conservative Obama Outrage as over reacting.  And while I do not really care about this…I cannot see a reasonable defense for it. The White House website has inserted President Obama into Presidential biographies.  In the “Did you know” sections: For George W. Bush: … Continue Reading Biographical Adjustment

Land of The _______

So….crazy law passing in North Carolina… I got nothin’… well…other than disappointment.  Way to let freedom ring, folks. See a list of reactions here and here. (Although, this was nice)