Just In Time For 1992!

Warner Brothers announced a new Director for the planned Lobo movie. Yes, they are planning a Lobo movie. Really!

Lobo, for the unaware, is a character used specifically to parody the over the top violence in 90’s comics like Wolverine and the Punisher. H was reated before that, but was rarely used until the writers of the mid eighties Justice League brought him in. And the character was a riot… in that context. His first few mini-series pushed bounderies repeatedly, but again, within the context of parody it worked. When writers started taking him seriously and the market be came over saturated with knockoffsof Lobo (knockoffs of a Wolverine knockoff) the parody was ripped from the character and broken up like Batman’s spine.

The character has a very unique context that he works within. So, of course, the ideal hands would be the guy who made Cats and Dogs 2.

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  1. Well, nobody knows who Wonder Woman is…I mean, when was the last time there was a Wonder Woman comic book? Or TV Show? Or a Cartoon?! I mean, she is almost unseen in our culture!

    On the other hand…who has not heard of Lobo?!

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