Not So Dark Shadows

Huh.  I did not quite see this coming:

I kind of thought they would go for something more…um..I guess…dark? Gothic?  Darkly comic?  This looks like there should be a title card that declares: From the guys who brought you Scary Movie!

Admittedly, I have no real ball in this game…I only saw an episode or two…and only vaguely remember the early 90’s revival.  But it seems like such an odd choice.

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  1. I have come to the conclusion that TIm Burton has like vague ideas for stuff he wants to shoot but can’t really think of a full script for, so he gets the rights to adapt something vaguely related to the ideas and tells the script-maker to build the script around THOSE and not the orig stories.

    I’m not a Burton hater. I love most of his stuff he wrote, I even love “Mars Attacks!” , I liked BIg Fish. (Both of which are technically adaptations)

    The thing that kind of most shocks me of of Dark Shadows is a pretty (IMO simple) deduction.

    Anyone who loved the old show? Will probably be pissed off at the Burton version being so incredibly different.

    Anyone who likes the trailer? Probably never heard of Dark Shadows show.

    The overall plot (Vampire from distant past awakens in different age, battle with some other immortal) is so generic that Burton & the screenwriter could have easily just done it WITHOUT the Dark Shadows name…. so why use the name?

    It just seems more a liability than a strength to the film.

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