Really, How Bad Does It Have To Be

That one of the stars of the first film actually drops out?

Dieter Laser is dropping out of the Human Centipede 3…because he could not identify with the character as written in the script.


Which makes me wonder…is he saying he could identify with the character in the first film?

The problem with the Human Centipede films is they offer neither cheap guilty pleasure or thoughtful commentary.  They are made to make you want to vomit.  Personally, they just get so stupidly ridiculous in their depravity and gruesome gross out natures…it gets dull.  I know I am being played, and it makes it tough to care.  As we get to the second film, none of the victims matter, as you would not know they had names (outside of two or three-one being an actress from the first film).  The first film lacked any coherent idea of a plot.  The second is pretty much even more pointless.  It’s lead is an insane and rather gross mess.  Laurence R. Harvey’s Martin looks creepy, and doesn’t speak in the film…he just coughs (the character has asthma) and wails from time to time.  Martin is an apparent victim of molestation (his mother apparently hates him for getting his father put in prison).  And yet, he is entirely unsympathetic.  He’s selfish, cruel and evil.  Not much else.  There was a lot of stuff that made me think I missed something that happened in deleted scenes.

I am a horror fan.  I like guilty pleasure horror films as well (I liked Piranha 3D for Pete’s sake).  But the Human Centipede films are not scary.  They are just gross.  They function only on the level of “Geez, that sounds gross!”  I guess I just want more from my horror films.

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