GIRLS! Incognito!

HBO has debuted a new series called Girls from Lena Dunham and Judd Apatow.  So far, the show seems to be full of awkward humor and fairly upfront sex scenes.  I happen to feel that much of the time, this is a lazy grab for attention via controversy.  Girls feels … Continue Reading GIRLS! Incognito!

Earth Day

Was yesterday. Kids got up early, ran down the stairs, sat around the earth day tree. Everyone loves the earth day tree…covered in lights (never actually lit or plugged in to preserve energy) and decorated with paper ribbons, everyone starts giving gifts tha-what? You didn’t do that? Me either. I … Continue Reading Earth Day

You Found the Wrong Cabin

Okay.  This post is going to be non-stop spoilers.  If you have not seen The Cabin In the Woods and plan to?  You should skip reading this.  The actual focus is a terrible review of the film. Read more after the jump…

Seriously Now…

When does Corey Booker run for President?! And while I am glad Obama and everyone is standing up for Ann Romney…can Republicans really believe Hilary Rosen’s comments are in the same league as personhood amendments, forcing women to get ultrasounds, allowing doctors to lie to their patients(there is a terrific … Continue Reading Seriously Now…

Promising Encounters

I find those shows about Ghost Hunters amusing. Half the cable networks-including Animal Planet has them. Their overly dramatic reveals of nothing but camera lens flares and static sounds that they pass off as evidence. Of all the ideas for a found footage film, this is the greatest setup ever. … Continue Reading Promising Encounters