Not The Victim

So, now we find some trying to make Trayvon out to be a thug. Zimmerman kills a kid and the police investigate the victim. Trayvon has no history of violence. He was suspended for grafitti. Everyone who knows him says they cannot believe he was the instigator. Zimmerman claims he was the instigator. Zimmerman claims he was the person calling for help. Witnesses say it was Trayvon. Zimmerman has a history of violence. He has a history of calling the police regarding black men in the neighborhood.

But the simple truth is, Zimmerman opted to follow Trayvon after being told not to. And now Trayvon is dead. And not because he was wearing a hoodie, Geraldo.

I wish the police would have shown the dedication to looking into Zimmerman as they have for looking into Trayvon. You see, Zimmerman is not the victim here.

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  1. This is beyond absurd. Even if the young man HAD punched Zimmerman, he was unarmed, and Zimmerman was the instigator! Surely Trayvon had a right to defend himself?

    Oh wait.

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