Because We Need Them To Tell Us How To Live

So… Rick Santorum would use his Presidentcy to tackle Pornography.  He believes the Obama administration favors Pornographers over Children.  Mind you, he is not talking about child porn.  He is talking about porn made for adults and starring adults.

A common complaint from conservatives is their disdain for the nanny state.  They are sure that Michelle Obama is secretly creating laws to take away their cookies-telling us how to eat is a infringement of our freedom and an insult to us, as if we need the government to tell us how to live our lives.

Yet it is these same consrvatives that want the government to eliminate pornography.  These same conservatives want women to get ultrasounds before abortions.  To prove they need birth control for medical reasons, and if they don’t believe you?  So sorry, but you are out of luck and on your own.

Republicans want a nanny state in regards reproduction and sexuality.  There they want to make sure they can tell us who, when, how and for what purposes we can use birth control or marry or whatever.  Somehow, it is okay for Conservatives when the Government says it knows better than you for how you have sex, but not for how you eat.  That’s just way to intrusive.

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