Ryan Dobson or a Magic Eight-ball

Apparently,  Ryan Dobson believes facts are not important before making grand judgements about others.  Apparently, he believes it is important that Christians know as little as possible about a situation before they make a statement about it.  But then, Focus on the Family is not a Christian Organization…it is a conservative one.  There is a difference.

Dobson: President Obama calls [Sandra Fluke] and says ‘I called you because of my own daughters, your parents must be proud.’ Really? Seriously? So Obama, when your daughter is a third year student at a college who sleeps around enough to where she’s struggling financially because she can’t afford contraception, that’s going to make you proud of your daughter? I cannot imagine a father in this country or anywhere that wakes up in the morning and is like, ‘I’m so glad my daughter sleeps around; it just makes me so proud that my daughter is sleeping around and spending money on contraception.’

Gee, Dobbie…no wait…I don’t want to insult the house elf from Harry Potter… so anyhoo, Dobson has clearly either not actually listened to Fluke’s testimony or he did, but has trouble hearing.  Or maybe he did not listen, but checked the transcripts. And then we can only assume he cannot read.

Or he deliberately lied.  Or could not be troubled to be sure he was exercising wisdom.  In the Bible?  This is called bearing false witness.

And I have to say…if he cannot take the time to learn the simple facts of this situation…facts that are easy to determine with almost no research at all…if that is to unimportant for him…he is truly untrustworthy.  If you looked to him for spiritual guidance or family guidance…things that require years of study and learnin’….I’d say you would be better off going to a magic eight-ball for advice that is intellectually sound.  If you go to Ryan Dobson?  You are going to someone who cannot be bothered with the truth before opening his yapper.

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  1. None of these guys actually listened to what she said. Certainly not Rush Limbaugh.

    Also I don’t understand…why all this outrage about women having sex? Usually there are TWO people involved, and usually, but not always the other person is…Male. If the other other person is female, then they don’t have to worry about contraception.

    If the Conservatives don’t want Abortions and they don’t want Contraception, perhaps they should be PROMOTING Lesbians?

  2. Yeah…that is what really kills me with the Sandra Fluke thing…I have yet to hear a single conservative offer thoughts on what she said. They are all criticizing her for things she never said or alluded to.

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