Is It Something In Their Coffee?

So, Big Hollywood, true to the spirit of Andrew Breitbart has claimed Game Change was literally made for the sole purpose of derailing a Sarah Palin run for President in 2012. Part of their logic is she was kind of maybe going to run. She kept saying she really was not..but damn that wink…everyone thought she was lying. Another example was that HBO delayed the release to March…but it was clear that she was not running long before they finished the film.

Rush Limbaugh took it a step further. Game Change and Sandra Fluke were not chance occurrences but part of a bigger conspiracy to take Rush Down.

It took about two days after Andrew Breitbart’s death for his supporters to start wondering if Barack Obama had Breitbart killed.

This is just like the 90’s with Clinton and Vince Foster.

Seriously, what the hell is wrong with these folks?

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  1. 2 days? I could swear I remember seeing some folks claiming Obama had Breitbart killed the same day he died.

    My personal favorite, perhaps forever ingrained in my memory is.
    “I read Tom Clancy. Breitbart was definitely assassinated”

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