Random Sketch Monday

This was an idea of Freddie as a modern day Wizard fighting evil.

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  1. In a way he already was. His voice/music was magical in many ways, and as to fighting evil…

    I remember when Freddie died I had just turned 10 or so.
    I remember it quite well because I remember the news saying it was AIDS.
    Back in 1991 AIDS was still seen very much as a “Gay” disease, and being in the south and primarily of a Southern Baptist influence (We didn’t go to church enough to say I was truly raised SB, but it still influenced) “gay” in my young mind equaled ‘bad’.

    But Freddie was already a musical hero, someone whose music often filled me with joy.

    I remember it was the first time I really had the dogma shaken in my mind, because ‘gay’ was supposed to be evil, or bad, but I knew Freddie wasn’t evil or bad.

    I suppose I could have chosen to just refuse to believe he was gay, but instead I chose to believe the dogma I’d been taught was wrong, that one could be gay AND be good

    It was the first step away from dogma and into thinking things through more, and I will forever than Freddie for making me take it.

  2. Tony,
    No argument. I love Queen. I love the sound of Freddie’s voice, which was one of those rarities..a rock band with a singer. Freddie had an amazing voice. I’ve said it before…a heaven with no Freddie Mercury-but with a Jerry Falwell is no heaven I would want to be a part of.

    Listening to Queen fills me with joy every time. Heaven For Everyone may be unrealistic or naive, but it makes me hopeful.

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