Not His Father’s Son

Boy…Franklin Graham runs off at the mouth a lot.  He is also wildly inconsistent within minutes of himself.  On Tuesday he appeared on MSNBC.  When asked about whether or not President Barack Obama is a Christian, Graham struggled a bit before saying that he knows the President says he is, and he cannot pass judgement on whether anyone is a Christian or not.  When asked if Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich were Christians, he said-without a second’s hesitation-that he knew that they were indeed Christians.  Way to go with being consistent there Mr. Graham.

He also claimed that Muslims in other nations consider President Obama a Muslim.  The reasoning is, if your father is a Muslim, that automatically makes you a Muslim.  It should be noted, this is a claim a lot of Christian Opponents of Islam make…but this conventional wisdom seems a bit more disputed when you talk to…you know…actual Muslims.

Graham is a weasel and sullies the name of his father.  No, Billy was not perfect and made mistakes… but in some ways that was part of his charm.  He also seemed to work hard to avoid partisan politics, open to consultation no matter what side of the political aisle you were.  His son, Franklin, dove head long into the dirty politics and it taints his “ministry” with an air of the pathetic.

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