Gee, Why Didn’t We Think Of This Before?!

Dana Loesch of CNN has the answer regarding the proposed requirement in Virginia to force any woman seeking an abortion to get an ultrasound…not just any ultrasound…but one performed by inserting a device inside a woman’s vagina.  Even if her doctor deems it unnecessary…whether she wants it or not…

Dana’s solution?  Don’t get an abortion.  Problem solved.

Or in her exact words:

Don’t get an abortion and you don’t have to worry about any sort of mandated ultrasound.

Geez…it was so obvious and right in front of us all the time.  The law is not an invasion of the body and private concerns.  All you gotta do is not get an abortion!  And here we thought it was a bit more complicated.

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  1. Is it bad the only thing that shocks me here is it took this long for one of the defenders of this law to actually say that?

    Let’s face it the law is effectively seeking to pressure women to not have abortions, an ultrasound on the concept that “well if they just SEE the ‘baby’ they won’t want to ‘kill’ it”

    The fact they’ll use a vaginal ultrasound to do it, honestly, to me seems to be designed for more intimidation factor.

    It’s blatantly obvious the only reason for the law is to manipulate women into not getting an abortion. Be this through “Aww, wook at the widdle baby”, or “Don’t want something shoved in there? Don’t get an abortion” are merely both means to the same end.

  2. And you know…I wanted to believe that it was a snarky response to the left’s snarky comment about gay marriage…”If you don’t believe in gay marriage-don’t get gay married!” But the comment seems pretty serious…and yeah, I think you hit it on the head, Tony…it is about intimidation.

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