This Is a Selling Point?

The other day I saw an ad for the Amazon Kindle Family.  It went like this… a woman is sitting by the pool or something, reading a Kindle.  A guy walks up and asks her about it and then asks about watching video and stuff.  And she says something like, “I have that covered.  I have the Kindle Fire for that!”

Seriously?  Amazon is making having to lug around multiple devices a selling point?  My iPad lets me do all the stuff the Kindle and Kindle Fire do.  Don’t you think having fewer devices is a better selling point, Amazon?

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  1. It’s not “you need multiple devices” it’s “We have different ones” You can read a book just fine on your kindle fire. The concept of it is “If you just want to read, you can get this, if you want to do more, you can get this..and even buying them both is still less than an Ipad would cost you”

  2. No, I get that you can read a book on the fire…but I would think that the Fire’s selling point is that you can watch video and read books and play games, etc. There are still limitations in comparison to an iPad or other tablets. The thing is, the ad actually does not suggest that the Fire *can* let you read a book. It is “for videos and games”.

    I am not criticizing the product-just the ad.

  3. Yeah…I thought the real pitch should have been “You just want something for reading?” We have that option…you want something that lets you read AND MORE??? Buy the Kindle Fire! Hey, Amazon…I am available for help with your advertising.

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