It’s Not Good When You Are a Jackass AND Stupid

Take, for example, Jim Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin.  He feels it is in good form to be criticical of the First Lady’s backside.  His logic is that he is really criticizing her push for healthier eating.

And this is a big deal for a number of conservatives.  They really despise Michelle Obama and her agenda to get people on a healthier eating regimine. And the number one thing they claim is that she is a hypocrite.  They make this argument by picking out singular incidents where she indulged a bit and attacking her body.

You can, however, push for eating healthier and still eat a cheeseburger from timeto time.  You can argue for healthier eating choices in general and still have fast food from time to time.  Neither of those things is hypocrisy.  Not remotely close.  Yet, conservative critics will denounce her initiatives as if the height of hyporicy.  And you know, if she was promoting going vegan?  They might actually have a point.

Michelle Obama is not on a crusade against hamburgers, so the fact that she might enjoy eating one from time to time has literally no bearing on her campaign for healther lifestyles in general.  And you know what has even less bearing?  If she has a somewhat fuller posterior.  The fact is, Michelle Obama is in fine, healthy and normal shape.  She is not obese. 

I suspect her critics are driven more by their irrational disdain for her husband.  I bet if she had opted to carry on Laura Bush’s dedication to literacy, Sensenbrenner and her critics would be whining about “How dare the first lady tell me and my kids ta read!”

I will conceded that if Michelle Obama looked like Sensenbrenner, then her conservative critics wouls maybe have a point.

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