Movie Idea # 785

Okay…so, remember that movie Speed?  It had Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock on a bus that was rigged by a terrorist to blow up if it went under 50 miles an hour?  Has anyone tried “Speed in an Office Building”?!  You know… maybe terrorists take over an ofice building and a tough cop from another state takes the terrorists out by himself to… I don’t know…maybe he ha a wife he is trying to save.  Has anyone thought of that yet?

Anyways, I was trying to think of a movie that combined the various elements that can spell hit.  I came up with:

Alien terrorists from another planet (cause, you know, they are aliens) take over a private (and secret) wizarding school for wizards.  Visiting the school at this moment is a time travelling cowboy.  He gets help fighting the alien terrorists from the outside by an eccentric punk/goth computer hacker.  In a twist, the Cowboy has super powers.  The finale would involve a giant spider.

For now, I call it “Die Hard Meets Aliens Meets Girl With Dragon Tattoo Meets X-Men Meets True Grit at Hogwarts”.

Just try and tell me that is not full of win!!!

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