Sometimes Movements Attract Idiots

No, really.  It is true.  I mean, like there was this:

Moments like this are kind of like watching one of the better Disney films and suddenly in walks a monster that turns it into tentacle porn.  You can thank me later for that mental image.  The fact is, you expect one thing and some idiot  goes and does something else.  Certainly, the guy was functioning with a total lack of facts.  You see, the shooter has no ties to the Occupy movement.  He does have some crazy views (believes Barack Obama is the Anti-Christ and all that jazz).  But he has no known tied to the Occupy movement.  The police went searching through the Occupy encampment nearby to see if the shooter was hiding there.  Which led to right wing blogs trying to claim a connection.  And then this dipshit goes and helps them.

Why on earth should you declare solidarity with a shooter when you know none of the facts.  I mean, seriously… would this guy suggest a moment of silence for James Earl Ray?  Lee Harvey Oswald?  Thomas Hagan?  I mean, as long as he had no idea of their motives, I mean.

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