Amphibious Hubris

Man, that Newt Gingrich is quite a piece of work, huh?

He calls for the jailing of Barney Frank and Chis Dodd over their involvement with Freddie Mac.  He calls on Obama to give back money he got from the institution and fire anyone with connections to it.

All while having taken great sums of money that he has yet to return from the very same organization that he got for “consulting”.  See, Newt wants us to understand he has never done any lobbying.  This in the direct contradiction of what Freddie Mac is saying they paid him for.  To lobby on their behalf to Republicans.

Newt is a guy who advocated for much of Obamacare through a Healthcare related Thinktank…and now talks like he alway opposed Obamacare.  It is not that surprising, Republicans have suggested much of what we call “Obamacare” since the early 90’s.  They onlyopposed it when Obama suggested the things they had already suggested.

Newt lives in his own world, where he sees himself as a rebel outsider, fighting the system.  The only problem is…Newt is the ultimate insider trying to game the system.  And he is gaining in the polls.  You cannot express outrage at the political system being correupt and support Newt Gingrich people.  He is the poster child for Ethically Challenged Government Employee.  He is everything the Tea Party folks protested and yet  he is surging ahead with…well, Tea Party folks.

It is like if OWS went and put their donations into a Wells Fargo account or something.

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  1. Newt’s arrogance and immeasurable hubris, simply knows no bounds. Frankly, I’m almost rooting for him to get the nomination…just so that he’ll be crushed so brutally in the general election.

  2. More than any of the candidates, I dislike him the most. Perry and Cain may be incompetent, and Santorum and Bachmann more narrow-minded, but he’s the opportunist extraordinare. Even before he ran, his commentaries followed whatever way the conservative wind blew. He is awful.

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