Hey, I Did The Minimum Expected Of Me

…With My God-like status.

One thing that the Penn State cover-up for a child rapist has taught me?  Sports covers a multitude of sins.  McQueary sees a child being raped by Sandusky (whose memoirs, btw, were titled Touched), leaves the kid behind and tells his dad.  Dad says to tell the head coach, Joe Paterno.  He goes to his superiors and then pretty much…well, life goes on.  Right?

The problem is, Paterno was not some underling.  He was the authority, and had the power to do more.  The idea that you would not take this to the police (just in case, because the info you have is incomplete) is beyond shocking. That Paterno thinks he truly did his due diligence for these kids?  Pathetic.  And this man is a hero, who supposedly did so much good for Penn State (read, brought in money).  That students rioted over his firing and not the protection of Sandusky is apalling.

Just as the Catholic Church wanted to “deal with the issue internally” for the sake of the institution and potential harm they saw in the truth getting out?  It seems Penn State is getting fa more brutalized than if they had dealt with this openly back when it happened.

Understand, covering up a cruel evil to save face for your organization will never end well or in your favor.  When it is found out, all those good works you did will be meaningless.  Your true legacy won’t be the good, it will be that you protected evil and allowed it to run rampant all to protect “your good name.”

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